The #1 Young Living Business Building Tool

The #1 Young Living Business Building Tool

No other marketing system does more to help
you grow your team, and sell more!

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“Marketing Scents is a vital tool for me and my team and the most effective way to share the Young Living products and opportunity.”

–Beverly, Colorado Springs, CO

Everything You Need in ONE Brilliant Tool

So easy to use. So many ways to grow your business.

Lead Generation

Leads are the lifeblood of your business. Discover new opportunities to pull leads into your marketing funnel. Our business tools and marketing materials make it easier, faster, and more effective.


Your personalized Young Living website delivers a professional presentation 24/7. We work hand-in-hand with corporate to ensure content is compliant and up-to-date.

Automatic Email Follow-up

Your system is loaded with over 100 effective emails in 6 different campaigns. These messages keep contacts engaged, informed, and primed to buy - without you lifting a finger!


Keep all of your contacts organized and tracked in ONE place. See what contacts are doing, view past communication, and access contact details. The #1 contact manager in the industry makes communication and lead management a breeze.


Marketing Scents is designed to get people to take action! That means more product sales. More memberships. And more Essential Rewards subscribers.


Access powerful "team tools" designed to help teams grow faster, together. Marketing Scents also helps train and keep members engaged and motivated.

Here’s what you get with Marketing Scents

Marketing Website

We do the presenting 24/7 so you don’t have to

Educate and convert prospects with your personalized, up-to-date and compliance-reviewed Young Living website. Finally, a consistent presentation of your product and opportunity - optimized for mobile and desktop!

Lead Capture Pages

Instantly pulls prospects into your sales funnel

A powerful marketing tool! Lead Capture Pages are curiosity-provoking web pages that capture new leads and contact details (including name, email address, and phone number). As prospects complete the form, they're added to your contact manager, tracked, followed-up with, and educated... all automatically.

Capture Page Creator

Build your own lead capture pages

Build unlimited personal Lead Capture Pages in minutes! Using our library of professionally designed templates, you can create your very own Capture Page with a simple-to-use wizard.

Mobile App

Your own personal mobile assistant

Manage and grow your business on the go! Access all your contacts in the Contact Manager, add contacts while you’re out, check tracking info on your prospects, send SMS messages, receive system notifications, access video content, and so much more.

Contact Manager

The jewel of our system

The best contact manager in the industry, bar none. Organizes your contacts, tracks their activity and effortlessly manages communications to make prospecting a cinch. One of the most valuable Young Living business tools you can have.

Email Autoresponders

Automated prospect follow-up

Includes multiple email campaigns with over 100 pre-written emails. Use them to "drip" on contacts to keep them engaged, buying, or joining your team!

With our Advanced Email Campaigns feature you can edit messages, enable and disable messages, add new ones, create your own email campaigns, and more. You have complete control!

Essential Oils Blog

Your personalized, beautifully-designed blog

Write and publish blog posts on all kinds of Young Living, essential oil, and wellness topics. Your blog will help you keep existing contacts updated and informed, and attract new leads, as well.

Activity Tracking

Know what your contacts do, and when!

Imagine being able to see when a prospect opens an email, clicks a link, watches a video and more. With our proprietary Activity Tracker you can! You can even see the specific website pages a prospect visits. Our members LOVE this feature!

Email Broadcast

Instantly send messages to all or some of your lists

Send a message to specific contacts or groups of contacts as a one-time "blast". This powerful marketing tool is a great way to share updates, announce special offers, invite prospects to conference calls or web meetings, promote live events, or communicate with your downline.

Smart Sender

Powerhouse marketing & tracking technology

An amazing way to promote Young Living that's not available anywhere else! Share viral images and content on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and more in a few clicks. Plus, upload a resource library (ie. brochures, images, videos, links, etc.) and create "SmartPacks" that you can send to prospects - that generate real-time notifications whenever prospects engage with them.

Audio Creator

Record or upload your own audios

The Audio Creator allows you to record or upload your own personal audio file. After you have added a new audio file, you can then send it out via an email message with a special link or we provide the code that allows you to embed the audio message on another website.

Video Creator

Record or upload your own videos

The Video Creator allows you to record or upload your own personal video file. Or, import one from YouTube. After you have added a new video file, you can then send it out via an email message with a special link or we provide the code that allows you to embed the video on another website.

Team Leader Functionality

Create and share content with your entire team

This proprietary feature is a game-changer. In just a few clicks, you can push custom content - including email messages and campaigns, marketing tools, videos, smart-packs, capture pages, scripts, and much more - to your entire team to use within their Marketing Scents system. Makes coordinated marketing efforts a breeze! (You can create a customized mini-system within a system!)

Conference Bridge

Host your own phone meetings

Host conference calls for up to 99 participants with your personal conference bridge. A dedicated moderator PIN and participant PIN puts you in complete control of the call. You can mute and unmute all of the lines as well as record the conference call for later use.

You can even send a recorded call out via email with a special link we provide, embed the recording on a website page or setup a replay of the recording and schedule when you would like it to play!

Webinar Room

Host your own online meetings

Host your own web meeting with up to 50 attendees throughout the world! Share your screen or a specific application like Powerpoint or your web browser. This is a great way to conduct business opportunity or product presentations, training calls with team members or interactive web meeting. A powerful business tool to grow your Young Living business!

Social Media Integration

Social engagement that works

Share images and other content on social media with ease! Our industry-leading social media tools make content sharing simple and successful.

Toll-free voicemail number

24 hour recorded presentation message plus voicemail

Your own Toll-free Voicemail Number with unlimited minutes. Setup a personal greeting, sizzle call or use one of our prerecorded greetings, and accept and manage voicemail messages.


PhoneBurner® helps you call more people in less time

Reach 4x more leads with our exclusive PhoneBurner technology. PhoneBurner dials contacts for you, and can leave professional (and proven) voicemails and send personalized emails with a single click. Dramatically increase your prospecting productivity!

3 & Free

Get your Marketing Scents system for FREE

Once you have personally enrolled three (3) active paying subscribers into the Marketing Scents system, who are not on their free trial period, then your personal system will be free.